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Monday, December 21, 2009

first day of christmas break.

Yea!!! I slept in! What a great day to start the break. And ah the wonderful days of christmas break. So far these are the fabulous things I have heard today:
~can we make cookies?
~can we make popcorn?
~can we have a movie day?
~can I eat a candy cane?
~can we open just one present?
~can I eat a candy cane?
~when will it snow we want to make a snowman?
~can we make cookies, or brownies, or anything?
And my all time favorite today......
~Lets see who can put their socks on while doing a somersault!

That was fun to watch.
Merry christmas

1 comment:

Nichols Family said...

I hope you took pictures of the sock/somersault contest!