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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It is no secret I have had a hard time getting in the christmas spirit this year. This has been both a wonderful year, and a hard year. The good things, all the successes of my kids, and there were many, abby came to our family, the fact that I have wonderful friends! and lots of other things I will kick myself in the butt for not remembering off the top of my head. But with every up there is a down for every good, there seems to be a bad. (darn that murphys law). Brian has has a very difficult time this year with employment, well lack of employment, which leads to many difficulties. Seeing countless dr.s for Joey, to no conclusion, and more funerals this year than in the last 10 years combined. Anyway, that is the background for my lack of x-mas spirit. But over the last few days, while my great neighbor has given us gifts,and scriptures to reflect on, and the fact that after owning the book 'the christmas sweater' I am finally reading it, I think the true spirit is entering my home. I don't need to stress that my kids are not getting all the things they want from their lists, I just need to take this unique opportunity to teach them why we have christmas, and what it does for a person to give, rather than receive. Now don't worry, they are all getting gifts, I just get to change the focus. I kind of wish I did this years ago. I get caught up in the commercial part of christmas, more than my kids, and forget why we actually get to celebrate. So thank you recession for making me broke, to refocus my life!!!!!I love chirstmas, I love my kids, I love my hubby, and I love my family and friends.

And as a sidebar, I am also grateful to be born in this day and age, because I would not have made it as a pioneer. Earlier this month I actually had to live without a computer and phone for several days ahhhhh not cool! And today I needed to chop wood. Now I have done this in the past, when needed, I just prefer not to. Well after a hefty bruise on my leg, a bruised hand, a sore back, and 4 tylenol later SUCCESS!!! I am pretty proud of myself. Now I am not finished yet, but its a start! :) How did those pioneer women deal with it, They must have all been insane. I love my modern life!


Jodi said...

I'm sorry you've had a hard year - sometimes life just stinks! PU! I'm glad you're feeling more in the spirit of Christmas! Dan would like to come by tomorrow and chop some more wood for you, so don't do any more!!! It soudns like you got two too many bruises! Sending all of my very best wishes your way for a better New Year!!

Talbot said...

I would have been a bad pioneer too! I like hot running water,etc. I think the resession has made so many of us rethink alot of things. When we do, we realize how blessed we really are. Have a great Christmas, we love ya!!

Goodwin Family said...

I told you Thomas would chop that would for you today!! :) Glad you're feeling more the christmas spirit. That book made quite a difference for me! Thanks for letting me borrow it!