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Saturday, December 5, 2009

kids are growing up way too fast.

I absolutly love when kids say words that they hear, and they understand how to use them, but they are big words for them. Yesterday driving home from pocatello, Jason was very tired, and irritable. Abby was in the christmas mood and trying to sing christmas songs. Then I hear coming from my adorable 4 year old. Mom Abby is attitaing me. It took me a sec. to realize that he was telling me she was irritating him. And it was so cute. A few min. later Abby was still singing, and Jason said to me "mom this is so fruchfrating" LOVE IT!!! Even though Jas was attitated and fruchfrated I was giggling inside at how cute he was. Abby must have heard me telling B about it, because today when she was getting a little sleepy, she told me that her eye was attitating her, because she couldn't stop winking. I love this age!


Jodi said...

They are so cute together! Hope you're writing all this down!

Wildingkids said...

Hey I just want you to know that I gained 3lbs just looking at that cupcake on your blog!!!

Your kids are adorable!

Nichols Family said...

Thanks for sharing the cute sayings, even though it makes me miss them even more! I can just hear them now.

And yay, you're back online!

Talbot said...

They are so cute! Jason always says cute things. I don't know if I told you, in Primary one sunday. One of the stake ladies was talking and and she didn't know Jasons name so she said, "this little guy can have a turn" Jason was so cute, he said "I'm not little any more, I'm big" I loved it.