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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

First visit with santa of the year!

Our annual visit with santa!
Alli was telling the big guy that she wanted a computer, a cell phone, a tv, and anything girlie.
she doesn't ask for much.......... Abby had told me ALL the thing she was going to ask for before we got in line, but when it was time to tell santa what she wanted, she could only remember that she wanted a barbie! She was mad at herself after, but I told her she could write a letter to him, and she was happy then.
Jason who is everything transformer, asked for a train! I am so confused. but I think he may have had a little stage fright too. these kids are so cute!


Jodi said...

We just didn't have it in us to head down there this year! Boo on us! We stayed home and played Clue. Dan and Ruby won - another Boo! Santa comes to our big family party so I feel like it's okay for them to just see him once instead of several times - that's okay, right? Salt and pepper are adorable! Cute pictures!

Talbot said...

You took some great pictures, it funny when your kids talk to Santa you always find out something new that you never heard or seen on the list.